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January 30, 2013


Paul Jolie

Vibrant Life Fitness

1862 Auburn Rd

Dacula, GA 30019


Dear Paul,


I thought you might like to hear the full-orbed story of how you and Vibrant Life Fitness have played a major role in changing my life to a to change my lifestyle to one focused on true cellular healing and sustainable health.


In July my life was turned upside down with a diagnoses of breast cancer.  I underwent surgery, and was given the “standard protocol” medical community follow-up treatment recommendation of radiation and chemotherapy.  When I rejected the recommendation, the doctors simply said I would be dead in 5 years.  I chose a different path.  I dedicated myself to exhaustive research to determine the proper balance of foods, exercise and nutritional supplements.   I selected a team of expert holistic consultants to provide me with continuous guidance.


Because of your dedication to truly healthy living, you and Vibrant Life Fitness play multiple roles in my new lifestyle.  In October we began working out three days a week on the revolutionary Power Plate followed by an infrared sauna to remove toxins.    You also introduced me to Protandim to fight free radicals and to Univera for high infusion of Antioxidants.  In December, a PET scan revealed that there was NO CANCER in my body.


There is nothing temporary about the changes I have made to my life.  And there is nothing temporary about the results I am getting.  I look and feel like a million dollars.    I took two days off after my surgery and that was the last time I slowed down.


Thank you for your support, your guidance and your complete expertise.


Kate StClair

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