Local Testimonials

Dr. Adam Tedder, Dacula, GA

“After six weeks of training on the Power Plate with Paul, I have noticed some great changes. I have lost fat, gained energy, increased flexibility, and have improved balance. By using the Power Plate, I am able to complete an hours worth of training into only 30 minutes. Also, Paul at Vibrant Life Fitness USA has put together a routine schedule for one-on-one training sessions, which helps me stay committed and on track to reach my health goals.  I would recommend anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and wellness, increase athletic performance, or want to add to their existing exercise routine, to try the Power Plate program. You will see the benefits too!!  Thanks Paul!”

Allen Elliot, Fitness Coach

“Simply put, during a Power Plate workout, one can, ”Experience the Gain Without the Pain” . The Power Plate is dual wielding in nature, offering the benefits of a challenging workout as well an effective cool down to ensure optimum muscular growth and recovery. In my short 30-min. workout there was virtually no down time. My whole body was engaged in every movement performed due to spinal reflex activation. Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout where regardless of your athletic background, you are guaranteed to, “Feel the Power!”

Allen Elliott | Fitness Coach

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