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“The power that made the body, heals the body.”

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About Dr. Marion J. Maloof, D.C., B.C.A.O.

Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Specialist in the Care of the Upper Spine

 Dr. Marion J. Maloof

Dr. Maloof’s relationship with chiropractic actually began before he was born. His mother, prior to giving birth to him, had suffered from seven miscarriages of a period of nine years.

During that time, his father sought chiropractic treatment to help him with his low back pain.  After seeing dramatic improvements in his health that had nothing to do with his back, he suggested that Dr. Maloof’s mother try out the new chiropractor.

This chiropractor was Dr. Roy Sweat, the founder father of instrument adjusting in the field of chiropractic (also known as the Atlas Orthogonal Technique). As Dr. Maloof grew into adulthood, he was so amazed by the benefits he saw with his own health and that of his family and friends due to Dr. Roy’s adjustments that he decided to become a chiropractor.

During Dr. Roy’s 60-year career, he had helped provide pain relief and healing to countless patients and has trained and mentored thousands of successful chiropractors.  At the age of 87, he is still in practice today.  Dr. Maloof, during his years of training under Dr. Sweat, studied with and helped train many of those same chiropractors.

If you were to ask how could chiropractic possibly help a woman who has had multiple miscarriages, where would you begin?  You would begin by removing nerve system interference. Nerves Control Everything. Residing inside your nervous system is the most remarkable doctor in the universe. The bony skull and 24 spinal vertebrae encase and protect the system. The same power that made your body gave to it all of its properties and characteristics.  This power maintains your body, replenishes it and rebuilds it…that is, until a misalignment causes nerve pressure that reduces nerve function.

Nerves control EVERYTHING!! Whenever pressure is placed upon the nerve system through a misalignment, the result is reduced or altered nerve function.  This causes symptoms.  What is a symptom? Pain or abnormal function.  Symptoms are almost always linked to nerve interference.  Removing the interference is the most effective way to eliminate symptoms.  Addressing the root cause of symptoms is paramount at Maloof Family Chiropractic.  The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure eliminates this problem, effectively restoring function without manipulation.

Symptoms such as pain anywhere in the body, acid reflux, constipation, allergies, stress and sleep issues, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder can all be the result of a nerve system that is not functioning properly.

There are many delicate structures at the base of the skull. This area should always be treated with the ut-most respect, while using the least amount of force necessary to make the correction.  The adjustment should always be delivered with precision. All of this is what makes Atlas Orthogonal so unique and effective.

The corrective adjustment is delivered only after a precise and scientific x-ray analysis in performed.  This determines the exact degree of misalignment. The adjustment is as individual to a patient as their  own fingerprints.  The correction is verified by post-adjustment x-rays, elimination any guesswork.  The instrument uses such a light force that it is difficult for many patients to believe that an adjustment has actually been delivered.

Specialized Training


B.C.A.O. What does that mean?  It means the chiropractor is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist, holding postgraduate certification in the detection and correction of misalignments of the occiput (skull) C-1 and C-2 (the top two bones in the neck).  It also means the chiropractor:

  • Is trained in specialized x-ray positioning.

  • Is trained in computerized or digital x-ray analysis.

  • Is trained in the use of the Atlas Orthogonal instrument.

  • Is trained in post-corrective x-ray spinal analysis.

  • Holds at least 200 hours of postgraduate education.

Whiplash Certification

As part of his ongoing desire to most effectively serve his community, Dr. Maloof, through continuing education, has received extensive training through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

This unparalleled level of expertise has been achieved by only a handful of medical professionals in the state of Georgia.  Specializing in automobile whiplash injury in the areas of biomechanics, crash reconstruction, soft tissue injuries, and outcomes, Dr. Maloof continues to build on his knowledge for the benefit of his patient family.

Is Your Head On Straight?

Test yourself by standing in front of a mirror with your eyes closed and shoulders relaxed.  Open your eyes and see if there is any head tilt and/or rotation.  Head tilt and/or rotation are indications of atlas (C-1) misalignment in the spine. One leg shorter than the other is another indication.  A misalignment of the atlas bone, which is the first bone in the neck, causes nerve pressure at the brainstem. If you have head tilt or uneven shoulders, call Dr. Maloof today at 770-923-1111.

What the Medics say about Atlas Orthogonal

“I regularly refer my patients to Dr. Maloof, with excellent results.  The health implications of atlas misalignment are tremendous, especially with headache and balance issues.  The medical profession has no effective treatment for alignment problems where the spine and skull connect.  The Atlas Othogonal program fills a void.”

Ramon M. Sanchez, M.D. /Prominent Atlanta Neurologist and Head Specialist

“Dr. Maloof is a gifted physician. His talents, skills, and abilities go beyond the basic science of chiropractic. He has a passionate drive for healing and helping. The potential for healing and improvement is astounding in his skillful hands.  I have had extensive experience with Dr. Maloof both professionally and personally and recommend him without reservation.

Scott Leeth, M.D. /Family Practice, Duluth GA








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