I remember back to late 2007 when I was searching for answers to how I can improve my health.  What I learned was that I had beliefs based on incorrect data.  I thought that feeling bad and getting sick was just a function of getting older.  I believed that at age 66, based on my “poor genes”, I was lucky to still be standing upright.  Both my parents died when they were in their mid 50s, one of heart failure and the other from cancer.  Of course, people my age all seem to have the same problems, so I just assumed it was NORMAL to be overweight and have lots of aches and pains.

However, in my search for knowledge, I found that my genes only accounted for no more than 35% of how we age.  Now, with the advent of a new science called Epignentics, I believe that number is significantly lower.  The point is that it is our lifestyle that really dictates our state of wellness.  So, please don’t settle for the old “normal”.  Now that I am 70 (almost 71), I have to laugh at all my younger friends that are keeping themselves in poor health because of inaccurate beliefs.

I am looking forward to participating in a Wellness class at our church starting this week.  What I found is that there is a strong correlation between religious beliefs and a healthy body.  I always heard that our bodies were miracles, but never realized how true that was until I started reading about how our body works.  I can’t imagine any medical professional not believing in a super power like God after studying the workings of the body.   I thought I would pass on a few facts about the body to help make my point:

Our bodies have about 75 trillion cells and about 20,000 genes. We have 450 miles of nerve fibers and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries.  In a 24 hour period our heart beats 100,000 times, and blood travels 186 million miles.  We breathe 23,000 times and our kidney filters 42 gallons of liquid.  We speak over 25,000 words and exercise about 7 million brain cells.  Every day we replace over 300 billion cells in our body and we create a “new” body about every six months.  The one I like best is that every minute our 75 trillion cells have 200,000 chemical reactions.  That, my friends, is a very large number (1.5×10/19th power).  That is even more than our US debt!  And of course, we do this for the most part, effortlessly.

The class I will be teaching at church will be based on an excellent book called “Body By God”, by Dr. Ben Lerner.  Although it was written in 2004, it is still pretty accurate for today.  And, if you are a Christian, the best section has to do with managing stress called “10 Rules for Peace By God”.  It is worth a read at about $15.00.

Till next time, stay healthy.


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