Bemer is an incredible German vascular therapy device that sends a unique, patented electromagnetic signal to the body that stimulates blood flow at the microvessel level.  This allows the red blood cells in our body to provide nutrients and oxygen and to remove waste toxins required for every cell.  Benefits include better general blood flow, increased concentration, mental acuity and stress reduction, improved relaxation, and cardiac function.  Many athletes are also using for improved physical fitness, endurance, strength, and energy.

We are proud to be an Independent Bemer (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation), Distributor.  This German engineered, Swiss made medical device has been available in Europe and over 40 countries since 1998.  More than a million have been sold.  Research can be found on, the premier NIH directory of all Peer Reviewed Research.  BEMER has a cooperation relationship with NASA over the past few years and working with NASA on space apparel with their patented electromagnetic devices imbedded.  In 2015 the company decided to bring this revolutionary technology to the US.  They have received their Class 1 medical device certification from FDA.

This device is simple to use! All you need is to lay on the specially designed mat that has six electro magnets imbedded, twice per day for 8 minutes per session.  Please contact us if you have any questions, like more information, or would like to try a FREE Bemer session.

Furthermore, the B-Pad can be used at the same time to help with nerve pain that manifests from sugar issues, inflammation and a host of other concerns. The B-Spot could be used for acute pain or issues such as broken  bones, sprained ankle or hip pain.  Lastly, the B-Light can be used as red light therapy, mainly for increased collagen needed to heal skin irritations and antiaging.

A few of the things that are enhanced with regular BEMER sessions include: general blood flow, cell waste disposal, strength and endurance, stress reduction and relaxation, increased physical ability, concentration and mental ability as well as sleep management. Vibrant Life Fitness USA offers a FREE DEMO session.  If our client wants to proceed with sessions at our studio, we offer a 10 session package for $200.  In addition, we have a Bemer Pro set that can be rented for an in-home 4 week session for a price of$450.  If a rental client decides to purchase a Bemer system within 30 days after completion of the rental agreement, VLFUSA will refund $300 of the rental price.

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