Our mission is to help our clients meet their health and fitness goals using the incredible technology of Power Plate whole body vibration Acceleration Training™,  Infrared Sauna, and BEMER Vascular Therapy. We want our clients to look and feel fit and strong. We focus on seniors and/or people who have some medical problems keeping them from strength training at traditional gyms.

The business was started in September, 2011 by Paul Jolie at the age of 70, originally in Dacula, GA.  Paul and his team, Lucy and Ken offer a custom designed personal training program for each client.

The primary benefits of working with Vibrant Life Fitness USA are:

  1. SAVES TIME: Power Plate is the most efficient form of exercise on the planet. We offer a total body workout in about 30 minutes. In a typical gym, it would take hours/days rotating various muscle groups to approach what Power Plate can deliver. Our clients come twice per week and see amazing results in as little as 12 weeks.
  2. SAFE TO USE: Power Plate is a certified medical device used in hospitals and large physical therapy clinics. It is low impact and easy on joints. No need for heavyweights. Power Plate technology changes G-forces on the body to increase body weight resistance
  3. CUSTOM DESIGNED PROGRAMS FOR EACH VISIT WITH A TRAINER: All our clients need to do is schedule and show up for a workout just for them
  4. SMALL FAMILY ENVIRONMENT: Our facility, although located now in a beautiful gym called ForgeRX, has its own private space.   Staff is friendly and offers advice on health issues.  ForgeRX offers many other small group and personal training programs, including yoga.
  5. FAT/WEIGHT/CELLULITE REDUCTION: A Power Plate workout will cause an increase in HGH, testosterone, IGF1 and serotonin while reducing the catabolic hormone cortisol. Combined with a proper nutrition plan clients will look and feel much better. Custom nutrition plans and service are offered by ForgeRX professionals
  6. ACCESS TO REFERRAL  PARTNERS: Click on tabs above for more details

For more information, please check out FAQ tab.

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