Our mission at Vibrant Life Fitness USA is to help our clients take charge of their health.  The tools we use are:

1.  Free Demo workout and Fitness consultation

2.  Acceleration Training using Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Exercise equipment

3.  Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

4.  Vascular and Fitness Therapy using Power Plate and Bemer technologies for physically handicapped clients

Many people are on the “wishing and hoping” health plan.  They are wishing that they felt better and hoping they don’t get really sick. 

Our clients realize that an investment in their health is a wise decision considering the alternatives. They see fantastic results in only 12 weeks. This technology is super efficient and extremely safe.

Most of our clients never heard of Acceleration Training/Power Plate, or have any idea what “whole body vibration technology” is all about.  However, after their first custom-designed personal training exercise session they understand these unique benefits:

  1. Exercise without pain (Power Plate is a low-impact, certified medical device found in hospitals and physical therapy clinics)
  2. Whole body workout in 30 minutes  (spinal reflex action creates 97% muscle fiber initiation putting 3-5 times more force on muscles) means getting stronger faster and easier than with conventional gym equipment and exercises
  3. A release of anabolic hormones such as HGH, testosterone, IGF 1, and serotonin as well as a reduction in the catabolic hormone, cortisol.  This means you feel better after the workout than before because we finish with a Power Plate muscle recovery massage.

Power Plate equipment is used by collegiate and professional athletes, elite sports trainers and celebrities.  We were the first to offer Power Plate equipment in the Atlanta area in 2011, and the official Power Plate training facility for Atlanta.

The infrared sauna is the latest, state-of-the-art technology in helping the body drive out toxins and reduce pain.  In addition, it is great for lowering blood pressure, will consume about 200-300 calories while relaxing, and is great for rejuvenating skin.

Our newest piece of equipment is an incredible medical vascular therapy device from Germany called (BEMER/Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation).  We now offer special therapy to promote massive blood flow improvements in the body, especially at the microvessel/capillary level, which is 74% of the total 74,000 miles of our cardiovascular system.  Anyone suffering from an illness caused by poor circulation needs to see us for a FREE DEMONSTRATION of the Bemer System.

Dr. Marion Maloof is a “special” chiropractor who has worked “miracles” for our clients.  Dr. Rebecca Paden is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and offers Thermography, a fantastic health diagnostic tool. 


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